Celebrities show their ordinary looks during social distancing

Emma Roberts

Julia Roberts’ beautiful niece, and star of American Horror Story, doesn’t need makeup to look her best!
She shared a kitchen selfie and sent her love to fans, hoping for better days like we all are.

Helen Mirren

At 63 years old, Helen Mirren is The Queen of cinema has had an incredible film career, starring in roles like Hitchcock, Red, and The Queen, which is fitting.
She shared this photo of herself after she’d just woken up, and didn’t just do it for the challenge, but encouraged people to donate to a Coronavirus related-cause.
“In return for this pic of me literally first thing in the morning, please donate to the intensive care support.”

Antonio Banderas

Antonio seems to be channelling his inner Gordon Ramsay while stuck in isolation. Which I think a lot of us are… some better than others.
I wonder if that pasta turned out to be the correct amount. It’s always impossible to tell, but he looks pretty confident!

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Amanda Seyfried

Amanda took to Instagram with her natural look, bringing a strong “stay home” message to all her followers. And did you know her grand mother is almost 99 years old?
Who are you staying home for?

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