16 photos caught seconds before disaster struck

Images can capture important moments in life, such as weddings, birthdays, diplomas and family reunions. But what happens when a truly unique moment is filmed seconds before the disaster? Such situations can be funny and slightly disturbing at the same time.

Have you ever imagined relaxing at the beach and taking a picture of yourself while being perfectly unaware of a gigantic wave coming your way? Or your dog vomiting while you take a selfie?

Get ready, here is a list of 75 photos taken seconds before the disaster.

1. “I also deserve a piece of the pie.”

That dog probably did not hear the saying “You cannot have it both ways”. Even if he did, he simply proved that he was wrong.

2. Underwater Joga

If this does not prove the power of meditation, nothing does. There’s nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it.

3. Mountaineering for beginners

Tip number one for all future mountaneers: never lose your glasses while climbing a cliff that rises sharply above the sea. Not only will you need new glasses, but you will also struggle to complete your ascent.

4. Lunar Dance

Drinking and dancing at the same time is not a very good idea. This couple seems to be in a space shuttle, doesn’t it?

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