16 terrible tattoos you couldn’t pay us to get

1. Decisions Decisions Decisions

By Jonathan Arrastia | Culture
We can’t go back, but we can certainly learn grammar at a young age. The incorrect spelling of the word “decisions” makes us wonder how no one has been able to prevent this sinking since the first comma.

2. Wish Upon A Star

By Jonathan Arrastia | Culture
This calamity of a constellation seems to be the direct continuation of the famous series «Twilight Zone». In this episode, we present a powerful lesson that seems not to be able to be learned by the protagonist in the foreseeable future.

3. The plan of God?

By Jonathan Arrastia | Culture
If man was made in the image of God, then I’m not quite sure he would want to be mocked in a tattoo. To make the case more interesting, it seems the subject preferred to praise how far he had gone in getting that branded tattoo rather than actually honoring his father.

4. Skeleton-a

By Jonathan Arrastia | Culture
Hey, I have a great idea! Let’s celebrate Day of the Dead every day and while we’re at it, let’s fly to the local Walmart down the street! The police won’t suspect a thing!

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