16 little-known but important tips that every dog owner should know

The joy of owning a dog is hard to compare to anything else. It’s like parenting, but it’s also completely different from parenting. As with babies, dogs require a lot of commitment, but unlike babies, they rarely have anger attacks and scream all night long. It’s kind of like owning a cat, but also completely different owning a cat. Like cats, dogs like to relax around the house. Unlike cats, dogs are always eager to show their affection for you and can learn tricks!

There are many nuances when it comes to owning, loving and caring for a dog. Sometimes making sure our furry friends are as happy as they can be is incredibly stressful!

Fortunately, this slideshow has put together the best tips and tricks for all those who want to maintain the health and happiness of their dog. Once you see these incredible dogs hacks, taking care of your dog will become much easier!

Too expensive dog shampoo? Do it for a fraction of the price

You don’t want to skimp when it comes to dog shampoo. Even the most categorical dog lover will admit that dogs can really smell bad! But the problem is that the best dog shampoos are way too expensive. But there is a cheap recipe for dog shampoo that will make your dog smell incredibly fresh! Its ingredients are baking soda, cornstarch and lavender essential oils. Here is the complete method

Can’t get your dog’s breath fresh? Put the dog toothpaste in a Lint roll

Dog fur can sometimes stink. But dog breath is repellent most of the time! And applying dog toothpaste can be difficult, even for the most relaxed dogs. However, if you put the toothpaste in a fluff remover, it means that the toothpaste touches all its teeth as it tries to lick it! If you have a dog toy with deep grooves, then this can work just as well.

Regulate your dog’s eating speed with an object in the bowl

If your dog experiences frequent stomach aches that you cannot explain, then it may be because of their speed of eating. Dogs never enjoy their food. But you can make them eat slowly if you place a hard to remove the object in the bowl, such as a small turned bowl or a ball. This forces the dog to eat small pieces at a time. Or you can get a bowl that has built-in obstacles.

Carabiners are the dog leash knives of the Swiss Army

Putting a carabiner on a dog leash lets you seure it to a post more easily, lets you attach multiple leashes together and lets you store accessories on the leash! It’s super handy!

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