16 little-known but important tips that every dog owner should know

Another Easy Way To Make Your Dog’s Breath Better Is To Sneak Parsely Into Their Food

If parsley is mixed into a dog’s food, then they’ll probably eat it all up. This’ll make their breath much fresher than without it!

Store Dog Food In A Pitcher

Pitchers are perfect for serving cocktails to your friends on a summer’s day. But they’re also the perfect thing for dispening dry food to your dog!

Know Dog CPR

Like humans, dogs sometimes need first aid. There are recommended practices that you should follow if your dog needs emergency help. Read up on them! The most important thing to know is that if you think your dog isn’t breathing, then check to see if its pupils are responsive to light. If not, then that’s a problem! You can also check to see if its gums are gray. If they are, then that’s a problem! You should immediately start compressions by laying the animal on its right side and placing your hands over its ribs. You can also try the heimlch maneuver on a dog by turning it upside down, wrapping the dog around your chest and thrusting against its rib cage.

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