8+ ugly ducklings that blossomed into super attractive people

13. “High school people usually recognize me just enough to ask me if I have a younger brother.”

People who didn’t like him in high school are probably gonna change their minds when they see him. Good looks are only part of the picture, although, we should value people primarily for their personal qualities, good looks only come as a cherry on the cake.

14. “Me Age 15 And Me Age 21”

Fighting acne can be a daunting and traumatic experience for teenagers. It’s great to see that this guy has come to the top in his fight against acne, and has shown everyone what a handsome young man he is.

15. Still Don’t Think I’m Quite Over The Syndrome, But I Know I’m Heaps Better.

We like her smile on the first picture. She’s become a very attractive young woman but that’s what matters most inside, right?

16. My Prepubescent Grandma-esque Appearance Is Still The Butt Of Many Jokes From Friends And Family Today.

Most of us need time to understand our style. It usually comes when we get older and safer from ourselves. She was kind of cute when she was a teenager.

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