9+ Things overlooked in movies that bother people

Who doesn’t like watching movies? Going to the movies and enjoying a great movie with family, friends, loved ones or even by yourself can be a relief from stress. Out of excitement when watching a new film, we sometimes tend to overlook certain details. Really seeing these details, if we had paid more attention to them, would certainly shoot the way we see the film and leave us totally embarrassed!

Curious about these film details? Let us give you 50 examples! After seeing these 50 disturbing film details, we are certain that you will no longer watch these films in the same way.

1. Surprise! It’s the Joker!

Surely, the Joker in the Batman series has a really remarkable face. You simply can not miss this terribly white foundation and black eye makeup. Apparently, Harvey Dent didn’t feel the same way as all of us because he couldn’t identify Joker just because he wore a doctor’s mask! Really, Harvey? It’s not just bad eyesight. It’s bad judgment.

2. That poor boy from “The Polar Express”

«The Polar Express» is a film about Christmas and in this kind of film, you can easily find the comforting side of things. When a film touches the heart, it’s easy to ignore certain details that are actually a bit awkward. The fact that Billy, the poor kid in the movie, got a Christmas present for the first time, could mean he’s on the naughty list or that Santa wasn’t giving presents to poor boys and girls!

3. Nate should be more understanding

Did you watch “The Devil Wears Prada”? If you did, then you were probably caught up in the love story of Nate and Andy, who transformed themselves as she suddenly pursued a career in fashion. Have you ever thought that as a chef, Nate’s work is considered very demanding and that he, more than anyone, should understand why Andy’s career is taking him so long? Instead, he made her feel guilty about her career and she ended up choosing to be Andy again.

4. The Real Disney Villains

A Disney movie, or maybe any other movie, won’t be complete without a bad guy. They always look dark and threatening and you just can’t miss the “mean” factor in their character. But, have you ever thought that if it wasn’t for parents who made bad decisions, those bad guys or those dark characters wouldn’t end up the way they are? Sometimes, it is not even the parents of the villain who prove to be the cause of all the darkness in the film. It’s the parents of the main character!

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