10+ reasons why you should never order a prom dress online

Prom. Such an important event.
Girls spend a lot of time dreaming and getting ready for the day. And next to who her date will be, the most important ingredient is what she’ll wear.

Gone are the days when you were limited to what was sold in brick and mortar stores. Now the world is your catalog, and your options are unlimited. But these options can have an unexpected cost.

You could hit those brick and mortar stores, but at least you and I have hard evidence of what we’re spending our money on. We can look at quality and even try something, and we can have it installed.

Here are 50 examples of people who were stunned—and not in a good way, more like they were tasered—when they received their dresses.

1. Not quite there

From the waist down this dress is passable. Passable. It’s too big and kind of just hooks up the bodice. And the bra inserts? It’s just a joke.

2. The color is right
Did she order sleeves? Because I see sleeves. Did she send her measurements? Because it has as much shape as a paper bag. Will she be able to walk? So many questions

3. Hmm

I like to give credit where credit is due. After seeing some of the abominations people have received, it’s not too bad. The seamstress clearly has some skills. Great failure on the bra inserts though. In many ways.

4. Yep, stunned!

I bet these places have a no-return policy, too, right? You give your money to a website run by people on the other side of the world, who probably have dubious English skills, and they send you bullshit. Because it’s a piece of shit.

5. Contested

I’m sure there are challenges when someone larger orders a garment that has probably been created with a thinner fit in mind. But it goes far beyond that. It doesn’t even look like the same dress.

6. Too long?

Too big? Too falling? I would really, really, like to see what kind of mess they made of the back of the dress. I bet she’s got ass crack showing!

7. Not hideous

Far too big, but not hideous. The blur at the bottom is all wrong too. The good news? She could eat a huge meal without worrying about breaking–a pun intended–her dress. Anywhere.

8. Almost

I would say this one is the best. The fit looks perfect, and although it doesn’t have the train of the original a, it’s done pretty well. But these bra inserts seem to be above the paygrade of these online sellers.

9. It is difficult not to know
If I order a dress on my shoulder, that’s what I expect. Has this woman customized her order and asked for that? We really don’t know. Anyway, although the finish looks good, the dress is too big.

10. How?

Let me say that I sew. I sewed most of my life. I don’t even understand how you can do what was done to that dress. You can’t do that without noticing what’s going on.

11. Call an ambulance

First, it looks like she’s strangled by her dress. Second, was the panties added because the slit was too high? Or was it through demand and design. It’s not a bad line, but it’s still a failure.

12. Well…

I think part of the problem is that it’s too short in size for that dress. Or something. The dress is well built, but she’s not working on her body. This is the kind of thing that could be fixed when you pin in the changes while wearing the dress.

13. Too big

It’s attached to her body. She could probably get it fixed by someone who knew what he was doing. And they’d start with the stupid bra inserts.

14. I am confused

I looked at her a little, trying to understand what I see. Is it much too small for her? Is that his bra I see on the side? What’s going on?

15. Get your money back

Of course, that’s not the dress you ordered. That’s not at all. I want to know what the back looks like. Is it heart-shaped as it should be, or is it rounded as well?

16. Is it toilet paper?

Or maybe gauze? Anyway, this fabric has nothing to do with the original. If I can find one positive thing to say though, this dress doesn’t have the terrible bra inserts.

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