10 Tips to Stop Being Manipulated by Social Media

5. Interact more often with real people.

If you don’t live in a distant galaxy, try interacting with real people more often than their digital avatars. In addition, it is much healthier to go for a walk with your friends than to stay inside to chat with them on social media. There’s nothing like seeing your friends smile or push them on the shoulder after a brilliant joke. Make new connections. Face-to-face.

6. Enable only the most important notifications.

It may seem funny at first, but why not? Why would you have all the notifications activated all the time and see them appear on your screen as soon as someone likes a link or displays a picture of a cute dog? If you’re going to stop what you’re doing right now to open a social media application, make sure it’s for a good reason.
If you estimate your time, you may want to limit the time you spend on social media to 30 minutes a day. We promise not to miss anything if you disable notifications. In addition, you will be more focused on your work or a hobby because you will not be interrupted by non-stop notifications from different applications.

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