10 Tips to Stop Being Manipulated by Social Media

3. Follow what interests you, not what is popular.

There are millions of different social media accounts and pages. As you browse social media, you may find yourself trapped in one loop following one popular account after another. While other people might think that following the account of a famous celebrity is a must, you might find it boring. Why would you want to watch how others fight and have surgery? You have your own life and your time is precious, so devote it to the things that matter, not the things that others consider popular. Don’t let social media manipulate your interests and preferences.

4. Turn off “share” mode.

Every minute of our lives is precious and we are always eager to share the most exciting events with our friends. However, some people may get too attached to their gadgets so that they spend almost all their free time browsing phone apps. No matter what they do, they feel the need to share it on social media. They don’t notice what’s going on around them because they’re too busy applying filters and thinking about hashtags.
Experts say that modern people are afraid that their friends will forget about them if they do not appear on the calendar as often as possible. Do not develop the fear of missing life. In fact, according to Tech Times, Fomo (fear of missing) can lead to depression and anxiety among teen social media users. A balance must be found in everything. Turn off the “share” mode and enjoy the precious moments of your life with your friends and family. You can always post a photo later and stay committed now.

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