20+ People Who Wanted to Look Stunning on Social Media but Failed

Imagine, you are creating your image on social media, you choose a special angle and a successful pose for each photo, you adjust the lights correctly, then Photoshop the photo. But later someone notices you in some shots not very successful and all your efforts seem to have been in vain. That’s too bad, isn’t it? The characters in our compilation were actually the ones who ended up in this situation.

Bright Side came across pictures of people whose only wish was to be beautiful in a photo, but they ended up getting only jokes and laughs for using Photoshop, instead of compliments.

Can you breathe now?

This guy is a huge Photoshop fan. The picture on the left is our picture of his Instagram account, the picture on the right—of mine.

Apparently, the photographer decided to show what it means to be behind the frame.

His teeth are brighter than my future.

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