13 Red Carpet Fashion Secrets Revealed

When celebrities find themselves on the red carpet, they no longer look like ordinary human beings. They look like gods descended from heaven. However, we are all mortals. It’s just that celebrities know some practical fashion hacks they use to look at it that way.

Bright Side has collected useful (and slightly weird) secrets that will help anyone look perfect on the most important night.

1. Slimming underwear

Almost all the stars wear this. Special underwear shaping the body helps to get rid of muffin tops and unattractive folds. The dress will look like it was cut. Kim Kardashian admits to wearing high-waisted shorts and even full-length leggings.

2. Double-sided adhesive tape

To ensure that the neck stays exactly where it’s supposed to be, you need to secure it with double-sided tape. Just make sure it’s not visible!

3. End to End Pads

To emphasize your curves, you can use special silicone pads for buttocks and hips. Kristen Bell had the courage to reveal this trick in her Instagram stories when preparing for the Golden Globe.

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