13 Red Carpet Fashion Secrets Revealed

10. A constant presence of stylists at the event

In the radiance of a beautifully dressed star, we often do not notice the modestly dressed people around them. But it’s the stylists—the people who make them look perfect. Their duty on the red carpet is to constantly monitor the dress and deal with any problems that may arise.

11. Wear larger shoes


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Bright Side has already addressed this fascinating question: why don’t celebrities wear shoes that fit perfectly? The answer is simple: the extra space allows them to use special pads and protects the feet from swelling.

12. Heeled shoes

Male stars who are not so confident about their size prefer shoes with a small heel. Tom Cruise uses this stuff especially when he has a beautiful model as a date.

13. Prepare for emergency situations.

Emma Watson demonstrated what it takes to be safe at a red carpet event. No emergency should spoil the fun. So don’t forget the safety pins, the instant remover, the double-sided tape and your favorite snack.

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