The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions the World Has Ever Seen

7. Elizabeth Olsen fell victim to a gust of wind


When: Launch of the Miu Miu Club collection in 2016 Olsen arrived at the Miu Miu launch of his first fragrance collection and 2016. The cameras inadvertently captured photos of Olsen’s underwear when a gust of wind swept her dress. As a result, the photographers managed to subtitle Olsen’s funny surprise look as she used her purse to hold her dress.

6. Jessica Simpson mooned the audience


When: A Good Morning America 2008 performance Simpson wore a flounced dress during his GMA performance in Times Square. She, like Olsen, became the object of untimely time. The wind blew her dress and Simpson unintentionally mooned the audience. She recovered after a brief pause and kept her dress down for the rest of the show.

5. Paris Hilton’s high-cut dress became highly controversial


When: Your 32nd birthday party It’s no secret that Paris Hilton loves being the center of attention. However, his numerous wardrobe failures were probably not what he had in mind. Hilton posed for the cameras on her 32nd birthday in a hot pink Livné dress with high side slots. She managed to keep her sides barely covered, but media speculated she forgot to wear anything underneath.

4. Nicki Minaj has some serious dress issues


When: The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards The rapper is no stranger to clothing mishaps: She has handled wardrobe problems so smoothly that the audience didn’t even notice. All of them have not been discreet, however. Minaj uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with Derek Jeter with a nip-slip. It wasn’t the first time a mishap was made public – her low-cut black dress opened while performing at VMAs in 2014. Minaj told backstage reporters that she “ran out of time getting the dress zipped up.”

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