The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions the World Has Ever Seen

11. Katherine Heigl’s dress snapped — luckily she didn’t


When: 2010 ShoWest Awards Katherine Heigl accepted the Female Star of the Year award along with presenter Billy Bush. Halfway through the speech, one of the straps on her dress came loose and almost exposed her. With astonished reason, Heigl struggled for the rest of her acceptance speech, while Bush helped keep her dress.

10. Cara Delevingne’s mini dress caused a major commotion


When: The London premiere of Pan in 2015 Cara Delvigne had two wardrobe failures in the middle of two months. Delvigne, who played a mermaid in Pan, greeted fans over a barrier at the Oden Theatre in London. She was photographed in a mini dress with black fringes and black stilettos. Halfway greeting, her dress rose to expose her naked back.

9. Lenny Kravitz ripped his pants


When: A performance in 2015 in Stockholm Lenny Kravitz may be a style icon, but this wardrobe was not a fashion statement. Kravitz was playing “Fly Away” for fans during his Strut tour when his pants snapped – right in the crotch. ” Do I have any underwear now? No, “Kravitz told the publication Mr Porter in an interview about the incident, “So the problems I incur.” The rocker kept his cool: He switched into a new pair of backstage pants and continued the concert.

8. Gigi Hadid’s nip slip


When: The Versace Show at Milan Fashion Week in 2016 Gigi Hadid closed the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week. Her loosely wrapped black dress slid to one side to reveal her left nipple in what Cosmo called “a full chest bet for freedom.” Hadid handled the incident as the professional she is and walked half the track ignoring the malfunction. She tweeted after the show that costume failures “happen on the track every day of fw and are… unfortunate, lol”, before redirecting the conversation back to the new Versace chokers.

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