The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions the World Has Ever Seen

Celebrities: They’re like us – which means wardrobe failures seem to happen at very uncomfortable times. For these celebrities, unfortunately, those clothing mishaps are caught on camera, video and soaked in newspapers across the country.

Some are worse than others, naturally. We have compiled the most shameful celeb closet failures of all time – can you guess the last four?

15. Kourtney Kardashian lost a strap


When: Dinner 2018 in Los Angeles with Kendall Jenner Sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner met for dinner at the Craig celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles. Kardashian dressed in a classic LBD with a neckline and transparent sleeves. One side of Kardashian’s dress crumbled as the two left the restaurant to reveal black heart-shaped nipples. Kardashian handled the mishap quietly as he walked hand in hand on Jenner.

14. Lindsey Vonn’s Marilyn Monroe moment gone wrong


When: 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala Lindsay Vonn posed in a blue, floor-length dress at the charity gala. The dress had a cleft thigh that was dangerous when the windy day took over, revealing Vonn’s underwear. At least they match his naked sandals.

13. Jennifer Lawrence falls (a lot)


When: Berlin Premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

JLaw is the queen of red carpet falls: she has had more than four of them to date. Lawrence walked around accepting the Best Actress Award at the 2013 Oscars. She did a bit of an annual tradition by falling back at the 2014 Oscars and then at the 2015 premiere of the second installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in Madrid.

However, he almost lost more than his balance in the Berlin premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Leaning to adjust the bottom of her Dior dress, Lawrence almost dropped the top: he grabbed it at the last minute to prevent any slipping.

12. Harry Styles’ nip slip


When: A Saturday Night After the Live Party in 2014 We do not discriminate – men are victims of nipple slip as well. The man in question, Harry Styles, was on his way to an SNL party when a fan stopped him to ask for a picture. Styles, who at the time was the lead singer of One Direction, wore a thin shirt with buttons. His shirt slipped as he posed for the photo.

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