50 botched surgeries that went horribly wrong

13. “Free nose job in Argentina posted by the girl on a shame me group on FB”

This woman received a free nose in a public teaching hospital. Lesson learned, free is not always a good thing! At least now everyone wears masks, so that’s it.

14. “What is with this face shape right now?! The guy doesn’t even look human anymore. Why would you *willingly* do that to yourself?”

He’s probably wondering the same thing right now. Look at that glazed and distant look in his eyes. @illumijonny7: “I’m going for that beautiful squid look.” @alchemycrafts: “It’s a physical manifestation of how distorted our own ego and identity can become on the Internet. Take note.”

15. “You Know You Want Me….”

Well, maybe a bee loves you. Actually, maybe a bee already had you. @Gost_of_a_Black_Cat: “I’m trying to understand the motivation behind this, and I just can’t.”

16. “Only 10% real lip tissue”

What’s good about looking 100% human? It’s overrated. @crowsonmymantle: “Wow, I could have been pretty and saved a lot of money.”


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