50 botched surgeries that went horribly wrong

5. “There’s so much going on here”

¡Those over-the-top tabs certainly go well with everything else she has going (wr)on(g)! If only the nose had been made, it would be a perfect disaster. @Miss_Behaves: “Let’s not forget the shoe polish stamped on his eyes.” @twir1s: “Also too much on the cheeks. But I understand that at that point you need to balance your jaw injections at the level of crazy cartoon.”

6. “Found this lady on Instagram, I honestly feel bad.”

But… Lotsa ladies get tattoos these days! Oh wait, you’re probably referring to lips that, like the gas station on the corner, always stay open 24/7. @livnichole91: “I wish this lip-filling trend would just die. Even those who look good always look so weird in the cupid arch and it’s just down to thick right imo.”

7. “Insta model, extra pouty”

No wonder she’s sulking. You were probably never informed that maintaining your lip fillers would cost you dearly in terms of how many Chapstick tubes you spend every day. @laeiylaa: “It looks like a severe allergic reaction completely localized on her lips.”

8. “Missing nose, duck lips and a uni-boob”

¡If Michael Jackson had a double from an alternate universe where a girl was born… it wouldn’t look as weird as this! @lennybriscoforthewin: “I’m starting to think the ultimate goal is to get rid of noses. They’re getting smaller and smaller.” @TonaNekatResu: “The new nose in vogue: No nose!

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