50 botched surgeries that went horribly wrong

9. “Instagram vs. Reality after her 12th nose job.”

Why not go for the gold and try lucky number 13? “. Cause how much worse it could get? @nicolabellamy77: “I will assume that you can no longer breathe through your nose.” @jpergo1983: “There are some interviews out there where she’s breathing her mouth all the time. She sounds like a good person, but she’s still so sad.”

10. “She was interviewed for a newspaper in my hometown.”

Pillow-face is so naughty early. If only she lets herself age gracefully as she is a pretty natural beauty! @mikejw127: “Is your hometown Whoville?”

11. “A bit too much.”

¡Just in time for the holidays! A Squirrel Christmas story: What you should not ask Santa Claus for this year @tibles20: “I don’t know why beautiful girls would do that to themselves.” @AdorabeHummingbird: “They define their self-esteem based on appearance. Most people who are medium-looking probably don’t develop a fragile ego that dictates their value based on waist size, lips, tits, etc.”

12. “I have to go now babe, my gym misses me.”

Women have silicone implants, guys have oil implants. Everything is fair and good in this world! @madmacfarlane: The thing is, he seems to have a good body under the oil implants. It’s just the unrealistic standards that were set.” @emmm_mk2: “Cut the foreplay and just graft watermelons into your arms.”

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