13+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

Easy Peasy

This person found an easy way to make a simple cheese snack. Take a Babybel cheese, cut it in half and sprinkle it with grated mozzarella or another cheese of your choice. This gives you a delicious small snack to eat between meals. Better yet, it is healthy for you.

McDonald Remix

The inventive person is always looking for ways to improve his daily life. Take this genius for example, they took two simple McDonald’s snacks and turned them into a delicious blend of flavours. I have to try now!

Find a seat

Although crude to say the least, this person seems to have found the perfect way to get a seat on a crowded subway train. Just fall down like there’s something wrong with you, and when everyone gets up to get away from you, take an empty seat now

Iced tea

Here’s an innovative way to cool your tea, ice cubes made with iced tea. As the poster says, this is the perfect way to keep your iced tea from getting diluted. Tea lovers rejoice everywhere!

Hug Inducer

What a loving and caring husband, at least until his wife fell ill, contracted pneumonia and died. But until then, it’s a bit romantic. Again, it could be considered manipulative. Why not ask for a hug, or even give one to his wife first?

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