13+ teens who wore their moms’ vintage dresses to prom and crushed it

1. The ball gown of

85 by Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This ball gown from 1985 received a very nice upgrade. Apart from the belt changed to red, the bodice has been improved for an Apple Watch.

2. Beautiful in black

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This photo simply proves that black never goes out of style. Even if it has not been worn for 20 years, this dress is still classy.

3.From reception to prom

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
Red is another classic color when it comes to prom dresses so it wasn’t a surprise when this woman chose to wear her mother’s dress to the prom. What’s surprising is that they managed to look so beautiful in the same dress.

4. 20 years apart

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
The dress is not the only thing that looks the same in this photo. These ladies also look like twins.

5. 20 years later

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
Her daughter didn’t wear the dress to prom, but she tried it on the morning of prom. After 20 years, I can say that it still looks good. Too bad she didn’t wear it to her prom.

6. Just like Cinderella

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
It looks like a dress you’ll see in Disney movies. With a little more volume, it could easily pass like a Disney princess dress.

7. Looks brand new

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
With a higher slit and extra glitter, this dress came out more beautiful after 11 years. At first glance, who would think that mom had already worn it in 1996?

8. Pretty in red

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
Not everyone can wear a red dress like that and these two women have turned everything upside down. It’s also amazing how they could wear the same dress without losing their unique style.

9. Just stunning

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
You really can’t go wrong with black. Even with different styles, these women were gorgeous in this dress.

10. The dream comes true

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
She always wanted to wear her mother’s dress for the prom. When the day came, she got exactly what she wanted. She was also able to recreate her mother’s prom picture with her father.

11. A treasure

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This green dress is vintage, chic and timeless. It’s quite a treasure. It was passed on from her grandmother to her aunt and to her for her sorority ceremony. The family surely has good taste.

12. Such a mother, such a daughter

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This mother couldn’t be happier knowing that her daughter likes her style. It was the second time she had to wear her high school dresses.

13. Classic appearance

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This girl is not only happy to wear her mother’s beautiful black dress to prom, but she was very proud of it too. By seeing this

14. Vintage dress

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
This really complex and beautiful dress is her mother’s prom dress from 1983. It may be a little weird to wear for a prom today, but it was fashionable then.

15. This colour

By Rozzette Cabrera | Life
Not everyone would dare wear that color to the prom because it’s bold and catchy. These are probably the same reasons why this mother and her daughter wore this dress.

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