13+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

3017-Level Macking

While he was at the club, a guy handed his card to that girl. By scanning the QR code, his phone gave access to all his social media accounts. Let’s talk about a next level of number exchange.

How to better hide your valuables

The next time you need to hide your valuables, do like this person and hide them in a clean layer. Chances are potential thieves won’t even think about looking there. You need to be careful and make sure that the maid service does not throw it away during the trip.

Straight out of the bottle

Straight out of the “I am Pretty Sure This has Already Been Done” folder, there is a water bottle lid on a wine bottle. Believe me, wine lovers everywhere have been looking for easier ways to drink the wine they have loved for centuries. Chances are someone’s already discovered this hack.

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