15 People fluent in Chinese and/or Japanese share meanings of the worst tattoos they’ve seen

Have you ever seen a person tattooed in a language that you don’t understand and who says, “Wow, that’s so beautiful”? Well, it turns out that this person might not even realize that his tattoo actually translates into “illiterate stranger”.

Unfortunately, it is not quite uncommon to get an incorrect tattoo. There are people with a lot of hilarious stories about it, so we rounded up 45 of our favorites.

1. “Bad words, please”

I mean, those are pretty terrible words

2. 40 year old white

Seems appropriate for the carrier.

3. “Foreign Illiterate”

At least if he’s illiterate, he’ll never know…?

4. “Beep beep beep lettuce”

You really can’t make this up.

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