16 Clever last-minute Halloween Costumes that look well-planned

Candy Pants Halloween Costume

By Bella Scotton | DIY
What a great idea! Just take an old pair of jeans and use double-sided tape and stick wrapped candy on the jeans. They will be easy to remove afterwards.

The Renovator’s Halloween Costume

By Bella Scotton | DIY
A very popular show that is no longer on the air, is the one that Chip and Joanna the Fixer Upper had. So you can duplicate their appearance and preserve the memory of their broadcast at the same time. Plus, you probably won’t have to buy anything if you go through your closet to find the items you need.

Ride Share Halloween Costume

By Bella Scotton | DIY
If you go to a party or go trick or deal with a partner, then a carpool Halloween costume will certainly be unique. All you need to do is paint a piece of cardboard to look like a taxi or Uber, and you’re ready to go.

Socializer’s Halloween Costume

By Bella Scotton | DIY
Almost everyone is in the pictures and no better place to put them then on Instagram. A piece of cardboard cut into a frame with the icons of this social platform will send the message loud and clear. Then you just have to choose a favorite filter like the dog that dress like.

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