‘Marriage Life’ Illustrator Finally Reveals Real Face

Nothing is more fun than love. That’s why Tel Aviv-based illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir creates hilarious comics about his wife Maya’s daily life.

Their romantic relationship is the subject of the comics «One of Those Days».

“I think the reason people love “one of these days” so much is because they identify with it and relive the beautiful [moments] that were important in shaping their own relationship,” Yehuda told Bored Panda.

One thing you won’t see in Devir’s comics is politics.

This has no place in comics. One of the goals of “one of these days” is to bring people together, not separate them,” he says.

Devir says fans love comics because they can see themselves in them.

“Viewers see their lives through one of these days and feel they are not alone… There are other people somewhere in the world who are like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [so]. “It gives them a sense of relevance,” he said.

Maya, who is also an artist, also helps with the series.

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