These 16 Things Should Categorically Be Unlawful, But Aren’t

Legally terrifying noises


“Commercials-10 times louder- than original shows on TV.”
Primarily, the US outlawed it back in 2012 but a few advertisements still do this by adjusting the sound and seems louder.

Phone books?

“As if they are in a dire demand. They pile up and eventually get thrown. A huge waste of energies for obsolete stuff.”
Please, get rid of them. Use the internet instead.

College students agree

“Overcharging books in libraries and universities.”
And you better not fold a page or you’ll be prohibited from selling it for 6% of the actual paid price.

Seems rational


“Outlaw huge money donations to a political campaign. I cannot fathom how bribery is blatantly boosted in the state. Instead of caressing the palm of the highest bidder, they must be funded publicly.”

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