These 16 Things Should Categorically Be Unlawful, But Aren’t

Life is replete with nuisance. Unfortunately, we can’t file a case against our colleague for chewing a gum loudly. Or the neighbor who hates cutting grass. Or your husband who struggles to load dishwashers quickly. Perhaps he should spend some time in a culinary prison to understand….right, it’s getting a bit reckless now.
Each one of us is faced with these crazy things. May they be actually dangerous or bad, or simply irritating, but aren’t illegal. What if you had the honor of changing it? If sanctioned the power, which things will you declare outlawed?
Some responded to these statements and were thoroughly relatable. Leading from fashion choices to driving etiquettes to core issues as manhandling animals, folks shared diverse views.

Rather unscathed but should be outlawed


Releasing balloons!
“All of it end ups in littering. These balloons can’t simply enter space and vanish. They pop, travel back and mostly end up in rivers or oceans.”
If it is floating in the air instead of traveling on ground, why is not deemed littering?
As per the surveys of US wildlife service and fish, “Turtles, bird and other animals usually mistake balloons for meal that can harm and in worst case, kill them.”
Thus, hold these balloons and give a thought to an air horn festival.

Nothing annoying than suddenly hearing a siren during drive but what was it?


“Things being broadcasted on the radio which are easily mistaken for a real traffic siren.”
It gets further worse when you pull over. Then it dawns on you that they should be outlawed as their prices are extremely low.

Do they still carry cash?

“These change toll booths are zero change engines”.
It is hell of annoying. Even though you recalled bringing cash for the tolls, you can end up spending some $20 on a five dollars toll because 20 was not broken.

Say no to.cookie.with.residue….

“Removable stickers ought to leave empty pasty residue.”
Please, make non-peelable ones illegal.

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