Dog the Bounty Hunter Dating Son’s Ex-Girlfriend, Dejected Daughter Declares

Famous as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman had an awful 2019.
Since the demise of his darling wife, Beth, the TV star has encountered health problems and confronted mental health issues. They pushed him down the lowest points in his life.
In spite of these struggles, his family and he have been moving on.
But a recent bolt from the blue fell which suggested he was dating son’s- ex.
Scroll to hear the shocking story.

Since 1986

When she came across Dog, Beth was only 19.
Since Dog was married, the situation was tough but the pair embarked on a high-low relationship.

When Beth tied knots with Keith Barmore, it was called off

After a couple of years of their marriage, divorce was the only path of solace for them.

His marriage also failed

Before marrying in 2006, the former lovebirds reunified in 1995.

They had 2 children and were with each other

The TV show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, ensured them to rise to heights of stardom.
It revolved on experiences and life of Duane, who works as a bounty hunter to make end meet.

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