Dog the Bounty Hunter Dating Son’s Ex-Girlfriend, Dejected Daughter Declares

Their persistent squabbling was epic comedy

Several married couples resonated with them which only pumped the couple’s popularity.

Beth shared a news and everything changed last year

She revealed to be diagnosed with stage two throat tumor.
The cancer rekindled in 2018 only after 3 months when she was told to be healthy.
He was forced to undergo the emergency operation which was unsuccessful.

Her health deteriorated

Beth had breathing problems after rest at home. She was admitted in the Queen’s Medical Centre.
As per reports, she surprisingly fought against the doctors and was comprehended that Beth tried removing tubes used for feeding fluids and medication.

She died in her home in Hawaii, on June 2019

Her hubby broke the news with a tweet which caused people to mourn, “Will meet you on that side.”

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