30 Funniest Gym Moments In The History Of Mankind

Don’t Go Drunk To The Gym

“After a night of drinking a lot, my 2 roommates and I thought it would be better to go into the gym to deny any of the unhealthy activities we might have enjoyed the night before. While wandering around free weights, one of my friends let out one of the highest, smelly, gassy, thick farts I’ve ever heard/smelled. It looked like the New York sewer rat in the dead skunk business. The thickness of that thing… exceeded oxygen levels in our area. I CLEANED (literally) a 15-foot radius around us. He was asked to leave.” (eazye123)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

“All stretching mats (or anything else you want a mat for) are along a wall completely covered with mirrors.

I was practicing headbutting and fell into the mirror and broke a ~8 x 8 piece of glass. This was probably 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I took a small piece of glass from my hand.” (menge101)

Goggles Did The Trick

“Random Asian guy enters the weight room with a lifting belt, gloves and glasses. Everyone looks at him as “wtf?”

Then it goes off and deadlifts ~ 400lb with ease.

Everyone gets stuck. He still seemed fun, though.” (dumbest1pot)

Just A Helpful Tip

“My community college gym had an automated shoulder press machine that required a test tug to calculate the weight to be added to the exercise. However, for some reason the machine always gave me twice my body weight in the negative blow, plus the machine did not have an abdominal belt or any form of harness. I lowered the handles, after which the handles pulled me out of the seat in the destructive. As a quick separation, it is not good to start doing pull-ups on the machine at the time it occurs.” (TBatWork)

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