30 Funniest Gym Moments In The History Of Mankind

They Weren’t Doing It Proper

“The kind of form I see in the ergs is abysmal. Most people have no idea what they’re doing, but I’ve seen some particularly funny things:

A girl was driving with her legs while the oar was almost on her chest. Halfway through the race, she shot her arms forward, removing all tension on the chain and then immediately threw her at her with her back.

Two hugeguys sit next to me. They proceed to a 500 meter race. Despite snorting and snorting, they are so bad that they can barely get less than 2:12 splits. They can’t keep up and crash and burn in the last 200 meters.

There’s a pretty old guy who usually comes at me with an erg. He constantly moans and moans loudly as if he were suffering, like any other blow. Which is not so surprising because its shape is so bad that it seems to cause you pain. I was worried he’d hurt himself so I tried to offer him some advice once but apparently he’s been rowing for 20 years.

That guy who takes the erg next to you and proceeds to row either on 125 spm and 3/4 slides, or he can’t keep up a steady pace and is jumping between 18-34 without rhyme or reason, while energy in horrible shape. Being stationary next to that guy is like trying to hold a note in a chorus full of deaf tones.” ([deleted])

When Encouragement Resulted In A Laughter Match

“So I saw this guy going really heavy in the squats and I was pretty excited about it, so I started yelling “OH YEAH! DO IT BROTHER! DO IT! OH YES!”

Sadly, my father makes an attempt at encouragement doesn’t seem to help as he just broke into a laughing match. And every time I noticed it in the gym for several days.

Yours faithfully, a random big black guy.” (inscrutable_chicken)

Humorous Is The Phrase

“I have a few.

I was waiting for a girl to finish using a specific abs machine. She was wearing that scarf on top of the robe that completely covered her, and she wasn’t using enough weight.

One looked like Napoleon Dynamite.

An old man, extremely thin and flaccid, wore old gym clothes, with super-short shorts and a headband.

A short guy, though big, was well known to almost everyone who frequented that gym. He growled and moaned and made a funny variety of noises while lifting unimpressive weights.

In another gym, this guy has his dog running on a treadmill. I have pictures if anyone is curious to see.” (jerair)

That’s What They Name Him

“I go to a 24-hour gym as I usually don’t have time to exercise until 10:00 or so. There is an access card and a sign on the sheet where you write down your name and arrival time. This guy who goes every Wednesday at the same time I only know him as ICEPICK!” (justryde)

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