30 Funniest Gym Moments In The History Of Mankind

Now don’t start planning to deliver your favorite meals. We fully perceive how difficult it’s going to be. In addition, no one has stated that letting go of FOOD is the only technique to keep the party and believe in us, that we are not even able to think about giving up McDonald’s so much. That’s precisely why we love going to the health club which could be a gold health club, crunch health club or maybe a CrossFit health club. You guessed it right; our mantra is: ‘Eat, burn, repeat’!

Now we have come across all kinds of people within the health club, from health-crazed loops to those who simply want to burn that more fat earned during the holiday season. There are times when fellow gym attendees make us laugh a little too hard. Some try to impress a lady (which is less annoying), some occupy a house number after which there are those who make it improper!!

Learn how to look for the most fun health club moments shared by 30 of our Redditors!!

Gym Man Intervened

“I once saw this weird little brother stacking 4 plates on each side in the SMITH MACHINE. He started pushing the bank and the machine was going to crumble. Now, this guy was pretty big, but this REALLY HUGE black guy came over and tried to tell the guy that he was going to break the machine and that he should do the bench with the bar. The guy goes crazy and says something stupid like “MAN YOU AINT MY FREAKING DAD. GET LOST!” I used to be extraordinarily excited, as I couldn’t wait to see this black man tear this guy apart. However, one of the many members of the health club staff made the man leave before I could see him be demolished. Very unhappy.” ([deleted])

Beginning With A Cute One At The Gym

“This is nicer than anything else, but…

I used to train in age group swimming, and our athletics center had a time each week where the weight room was shared by the children swimming and a children’s camp with emphasis on physical fitness. Everyone was 12 and older, and we had a lot of adults on deck, but it still required the children to be quite mature. Only children who passed a “test” of safety lifting (and received abundant parental approval) have been allowed to use free weights. Not many children even bothered, so the free weight space was largely used to stretch.

Anyway, sooner or later I hear the tinkling of free weights hitting each other, and I turn around to yell at whoever’s touching them. Two of the women inside the health camp are making free weights designs, along with a smiling face and a flower.” (EmeraldGirl)

All For A Free Membership

“This is more of a disgusting gym story. But I volunteered at a gym for a long time cleaning machines and cleaning windows and stuff like that for a free membership. Well, one day, there was a new guy who was pretty overweight and he was obviously very excited to be in the gym. He did about an hour of cardio and then he started to lift. He was making way, too much weight with terrible shape in most of his free elevators and getting around a half repetition in the machines. But anyway, while Benching, the guy breaks an O-Ring and spills diarrhea all over the bank. And you know who cleans it?

The poor fool who wants a free membership. That was horrible.” (3lephant)

Get Off My Territory

“There was a guy using a rowing machine behind me. I had it set at 10, of course (I’m on a college campus and my scanner is in Frat Row), and obviously I was coming and going, using his impulse to make it easier.

How was this obvious? Because he kept banging on the back of my machined oar with the front of his. He pushed him across the floor with his push forward.

Stinking eye is not enough to describe the look I gave him.” (ericmm76)

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