20 Photos That Prove Walmart Is One of the Strangest Places On the Planet

Yes, that is a tail.

Whatever you do, do not pull it.

Surprisingly, they’re registered at Target.

A Wal-Mart wedding isn’t something I’d ever consider, but you can see why this might be a good idea to someone.
Weddings are expensive, and Wal-Mart always has low prices. Always.

His jaw. Is on. The floor.

It is very funny to me how shocked this guy is about how many bananas are being bought here.
Although he realized there was nothing unusual going on when he saw that the guy buying all these bananas was Donkey Kong.

“My pants are staying up come hell or high water.”

I know this man is in the Wal-Mart Subway (why are there always Subways or McDonald’s in Wal-Marts?), but there is no doubt in my mind he’s asking what aisle they keep the suspenders in.
No doubt. In my mind.

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