16 Times Military Women Revealed the World How Splendid They Are, in and out of Uniform

US Air Force astounds by permitting members to act as underwear models


Lauren Slisher is the member of the active honor guard for the US Air Force.
Seeing her glamorous style in designer underwear and thorough professionalism in blue is refreshing.


Regardless of the wardrobe, these eyes are hypnotizing


An army specialist, Deja Riley is posted in New York. She attracts both glamor and honor.


She is saving the world


Besides working in the US Navy, she is studying as a blood spatter expert. Michelle Martinez is not only shielding the state but also buckling up to curb crimes. We are all indebted to her profound services.


Proof: camo jumpsuits aren’t cheering


Noel Niccum’s pictures on Curves N Combatboots announce loudly about the bright things lying underneath these unflattering jumpsuits, flawless and toned body.

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