16 Times Military Women Revealed the World How Splendid They Are, in and out of Uniform

Since the advent of humankind, societies fabricated delusional beliefs where patriarchy rose and women were restricted within a box-house.
Alas! Expected to be either Mary Magdeline or The Virgin Mary, the stripper or the librarian, pretty or tough. However, we’re viewed as a mixture.
The eternal truth is that we are a blend of diversity. But the subliminal and subtle communal structure have targeted women with these diverse traits.
You can’t be! And it gets worse when we adhere to this notion.
It’s utterly deceptive.
Curves N Combatboots, women’s fitness brand, is instilling positive change among women in services to share pictures in and outside uniform to flaunt their true colors and beauty. Soldiers, mothers, students, firefighters, police officers and sailors, a whole combination is reflected there. They possess hotness, glamor and perseverance.
These 16 Service and Military women are a testimony of the potential embedded in women. We can perform the same roles as males but with an exception: doing it with perfection.


The Gorgeous Deputy Sheriff


Meagen Michele is aged 25, a Law Enforcement Officer in Southern Carolina. She remained a deputy sheriff for the largest county of the state for 2 years. If you get lucky during over speeding, Megan may arrest you.

The twin wonder women


Kerrin O’Neill works in the US Air Force with a burning passion for workout and motorcycles.
If she does not prove to be men’s fantasy, she has a twin.
Continue the scrolling with amazement.

Good for the Airwoman being a medic as her look is ethereal


From Orlando, Amanda Green bay ages 22 who is posted in Ohio currently. She has been working as the Air Force Medic for 2 years and is also pursuing nursing degree.
Her aim is working and commissioning as a flight nurse. Amanda’s heart beats for snowboarding, travelling and hiking.


The Navy Sailor with a heart of gold and abs of steel


Jazzi Jessica was an active Navy Sailor for five years and is now in the Air force reserves. Eating pizza, lifting and shooting guns are her things.
She wrote on Curves N Combatboots Insta page, “I have been a staunch supporter of assisting other women in patriarchal environments. Make sure to shower some love on the fellow service ladies.”
Jazzi aims at starting a nonprofit agency to assist the wounded warriors.

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