16 Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy

The Titanic

This is the last known photo of the Titanic, the boat that they said was unsinkable. The Titanic was ultimately sunk by an iceberg and 710 people were saved while 1500 others perished.

Nightclub Fire

This photo was literally taken seconds before a fire that would kill 100 people at the Station nightclub in Rhode Island in 2003. The fire was caused by the manager of the band who was setting off pyrotechnics. The fire got out of control when it ignited with flammable soundproofing within the walls.

Notorious BIG

This is the last known photo of Big befor he died. He was only 24 years old when he was murdered, there is speculation of who killed him, but their is murder is still unsolved. Biggie is one of the best rappers to ever walk this earth.

911 Victim

This image is of Joe Kelly. Joe can be seen here with his two kids at a Yankees game. Kelly was killed when a group of muslim terrorist fly 2 planes into the twin towers in NYC. This tragedy resulted in the deaths of 2,996 innocent victims.

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