15 Wedding Photos That Failed Miserably

Sexy Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids really need to stop taking all the attention off a wedding. It is a special day for both the bride and groom, please let them enjoy. Ladies, if you’re getting married soon, please make sure your maids don’t expose your ass.

Was This a Trend?

We are beginning to seriously believe that this was a trend and we have lost it. The bridesmaids on this list really seem willing to expose their asses and we can’t figure out the reason behind this.


Who wants to wait for the wedding night, when you can be in action during the day? These two were really interested enough to start the magic on the field during the day and did not wait a little before doing so.

Tweaking Dress

Now, these are some good-looking bridesmaids. These bridesmaids have toned on the back and we wouldn’t mind adjusting your dress. Maybe that’s why most bridesmaids are bent on exposing their asses, because they’re tired of adjustments?

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