15 Wedding Photos That Failed Miserably


Although we have no idea why these bridesmaids are showing off their loot, we wouldn’t like to complain either. The bridesmaids today are getting a little daring with what they wear and we don’t think many men would have any complaints.


Men certainly don’t want to be wiggled by women, which is why they reiterated in their own nice way, dropping their pants and showing their buttocks in shape through their underpants. This is an incredible butt battle.

Different Wedding

You know all weddings aren’t the same and when someone defies this logic, show them this picture. We’ve all had pre-established standards for what to wear during a wedding, but this person seems to be challenging the odds with a different wedding.

Where’s the Groom?

The groom seems to be hiding under the bride’s dress, and all we can see of him are his legs. From the looks of it, it looks like his legs are bare, so we suggest he doesn’t come out.

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