15 Wedding Photos That Failed Miserably

Wedding pictures are supposed to be sophisticated with a mix of pleasantness and family added to it. If you believed in this notion, then be prepared to be surprised and surprised, because that’s not how it works in the world now. Wedding photos have become naughty now and here we have a list of 15 images of this type that would show how naughty wedding photography has become.

Lucky Bryant

Bryant seems to be a lucky bastard, as he has his name written on every bridesmaid’s underwear. If Bryant really loves his future wife, he wouldn’t mind how cute the bridesmaids look with his name on them.


This has to mark the divorce faster. We’d love to know what happened after the wife found out what’s going on in the back, but so it looks like he doesn’t look a bit pleased about it.

Bridesmaids Action

Bridesmaids really get into action today and here you can see some very hot photos before marriage. Surely we’d like to be the best men in this marriage, because these ladies want some action.

Cruise Wedding

When your wedding takes place on a boat, you would want your dress to be slightly different from what it is traditionally. However, these bridesmaids and the bride went a little overboard and came out with some very revealing dresses.

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