15+ Epic Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

From the looks of this photo, grabbing the bouquet of wedding flowers after releasing it has been a bloody sport. The fierce looks on the faces of these girls are invaluable. Just be careful with the little woman inside the corner.

That’s what we call tough protection. In the event that you can’t let the bigger man sink you, at least gradually you sink him by sticking a finger up his nose. Ouch – that’s got damage.

This looks like a scene from a blockbuster movie, yet it’s actually real life. As the massive storm clouds descend, this little truck is moving as fast as it can to get off the road on it. Exciting!

Does this girlfriend have a human torso with horse legs? No, it’s just a bulky wedding gown that creates a hilarious optical ghost. That said, however I am questioning why the bride is on a horse and the groom is walking.


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