15+ Epic Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Synchronized swimming requires endurance, power and, apparently, an excessive threshold for pain. I’m not sure this place was held in function, however it doesn’t look like the first lady was anticipating a foot to be there. It may seem ridiculous in cases, however synchronized swimming is a robust sport.

A wonderful woman in a suit walking down the road when a gust of wind comes. In cases like these even a priest can not help however look. This can be a fantastic example of a magnificent background (apparently Italy) with a fascinating theme.

Did you miss putting on your pants? No, it’s just a harmless optical ghost. They’re two friends in a bar and the guy in the foreground has his legs crossed. What makes the image even higher are the expressions on each of their faces. The one in the background looks proud to show her parts.

A stunning romantic second on the seashore, looking at the starry waves. What can likely destroy this scene? Oh yes, a stray dog deciding to mark its territory in this very place. A truly unforgettable day.

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