12 Trends From the 2000s We’d Like to Forget, but They’re Back in Style

7. Soft Jeans

The very wide jeans, which the rappers of the 2000s wore, are now fashionable. This silhouette may not look feminine at first sight, but this style is actually able to accentuate the curves, making the waist narrower thanks to the belt and wider legs.

8. French manicure

A few years ago, French manicures were on the list of outfits never to wear for many fashionistas. It seemed that it could stay so forever in the 2000s, and it was replaced by fatal red colors and translucent retained nails. But now, the classic French manicure (yes, the one with white stripes) is back on the list of fashion trends.

9. Long fringes swept laterally

We still remember long swept side fringes, and stylists suggest trying this way to style your hair again. Its main advantage is that it makes the hair of any length look elegant and suitable for different facial shapes.

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