11 Inspirational Women Who Prove That Beauty Truly Has No Boundaries

These models completely change the modern idea of beauty. They are captivating in their uniqueness and originality. They’re not like the others.

This is what we at Bright Side love most about people – when they are beautiful and still remain themselves.

11. Chantelle Brown-Young

This Canadian model has had a skin pigmentation defect since the age of three. She managed to turn her disability into an advantage and became a role model.

10. Viktoria Modesta

This Latvian singer and model underwent 15 ineffective leg operations, which was injured the day she was born. The leg had to be amputated shortly after. It did not diminish his self-confidence… quite the contrary.

9. Erica Irwin

The 35-year-old Erica Irwin from California is considered one of the highest in the world thanks to her height of 205 cm (6.7 ft.).

8. Masha Tyelna

This Ukrainian model has surprisingly big eyes. People often call him a “stranger” or a “beautiful elf”.

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