12 Trends From the 2000s We’d Like to Forget, but They’re Back in Style

When you look at some fashion trends, it can be hard to believe that the whole world used to admire them. But fashion often pulls a rabbit out of a hat and brings those styles back that no one expected to ever come back. And people are starting to dye their hair crazy colors again or buy clothes that any internet considered hilarious a few years ago.

We at Bright Side still can’t believe that all these things are back in style, but we are ready to show you 12 trends that have regained their former glory and successfully stormed in the 2020s. And a bonus at the end of the article will help every woman to indulge in the nostalgia of the late 90’s.

1. Hair colouring 2 tones, light on top and dark below

The 2-tone hair coloring that Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and ordinary fashionistas loved so much in the 2000s is back in style. Singers like Dua Lipa and Billy Eilish have already tried this forgotten technique.

2. Thar orange tan

This intense tan that women used to get with the help of tanning salons is trending again. Now, opting for a fake orange tan for your face stops being a sign of bad taste and is coveted by many celebrities. Look how that shade fits Kendall Jenner.

3. Extremely short shorts

Another notable comeback from 2020 is the extremely short shorts. Very few people are likely to decide to wear them. But designers and designers will probably applaud the bravery of people who will not be afraid to walk down the street in these outfits.

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