The Worst Kardashian Photoshop Fails Caught By Their Fans

Kendall Jenner

She is the Victoria’s Secret model residing in the family. Flying across the world, she indulges in her career and illuminates prestigious fashion shows with covers for masses of magazines.

They are widely open about plastic surgery but the fans despise photoshop feats. Here is an example:


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Our Sweet 16! Can’t believe Keeping Up With the Kardashians is premiering our 16th season tonight! Be sure to tune into E!

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Khloe’s trick with mirror

The ingenious fans posted that the left portion of Khloe’s image is wrapped and suggested engineered photoshop.
She removed this one and reposted another.

Kourtney’s conspicuous armpit

This selfie of Kourtney with her pal seems fine at first glance.
Now notice that her armpit looks very meaty and awkward. Why would she do that for an armpit?

The strict communal beauty standards can shadow lives of many girls. They are expected to be elegantly polished for a photoshoot everywhere. What is the highly malicious standard women have to meet?

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