Rihanna Cruelly Trolled For Dress She Wore at Beyoncé’s Party

When it comes to casting a phenomenal impression, Rihanna has mastered the trick. She flaunted with her glamorous looks at the Oscar party last night.
The musician and beauty tycoon raised the temperature with an elegantly seductive wardrobe. But the fans thought otherwise.
They left no stone unturned to mock her which was perhaps hyper-exaggerated.
Continue with the pics below to have a glimpse of the development.

Bella Hadid

Bella emanated sheer confidence when she went for the chain covered wardrobe, in 2018, on the podium of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Event.

Kendal Jenner

On the British Fashion Awards 2018, Kendal shimmered in a golden gown and thus forced us to include her in our amazing list.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan proved in true letter and spirits that men can rock in a feminine dress. The “queer eye” celebrity, in the Emmy Awards 2018, attracted generous compliments.

Deepika Pudakone

At Cannes, the Indian diva set a traditional example of being both charming and naked.

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