19 Red Flags That Mean a Relationship Will Not Last

Relationships often take a turn down the clumsy road. But it can be easily discerned when relationships struggle to endure the heat of the moments.

Reddit community noticed cardinal flaws in the relationships of their friends and families


These are natural signals indicating the couple is a blend of thick contradiction. Few are pretty apparent and some are hardly noticeable.
Happiness is an inherent right sanctioned to us by nature. If your friend or you experience these ominous relationship pointers, the time calls for a drastic change.

Unrelenting fight

Arguments now and then are welcomed but when these idiots relentlessly scream at each other without skipping a day, tell them to quit.

The 4 horsemen

John Gottman published an empirical research called the four horsemen.
The characteristics are criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling. The research reveals within minutes of closely observing a couple, one can distinguish whether or not a divorce is imminent.
But the catch here is that antidote exists.

Dislike one another

The spooky one is when they despise each other.
Primarily, couples will weather every storm including conflicts in interest, personalities, sex drives, politics and religions until they desire the presence of the partner.
If you dread going home because of your partner, think “Why, in the first place, you entangled?”

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