Disgusting video of this model proves she will do anything for attention

Jen explained that her daughter was friends with Sebastian for well over a year before they became a couple.

“I’ve known Sebastian and his mom — he’s a really good kid, and he’s never had a girlfriend until [Danielle],” she said.

When Sebastian’s following started to grow, Jen decided to become his manager. Sebastian has about an eighth of the followers that Danielle has.

“We don’t have a problem with it,” Jen said of the age difference between Danielle and Sebastian. “As long as they’re not doing anything inappropriate — we know they’re not doing anything. They’re never alone.”

Since she manages both of the teenagers, Jen said she spends a great deal of time with them professionally and personally. She maintains the two rarely spend time together alone.

Jen said “of course” she has considered the implications of Sebastian turning 18 this year.

“We deal with it. Once I see something that could get [Danielle] in trouble, I wouldn’t allow them to be together,” she said.

Danielle believes she receives more hate than the average star or young internet influencer. “Many of the influencers are doing the same thing as me, sometimes even worse,” she said.

“Dani is so pretty,” one fan account wrote, reposting one of her videos from last year.

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