Check Out the Disney Stars Who Went From Childhood Crushes to Full-On Seductive Symbols

The Disney Channel is reserved for broadcasting jubilant theater to children. What most of us don’t ponder is that it tossed some of the mighty names in TV, music and movies.
These cute kids stretched their territories and later attracted a bulk of mature crowd. Years ago, Britney Spears was a star kid featuring in Disney movies. These days some of her content is often deemed inappropriate for the pack watching Disney entertainment.
A range of stars fall in this category. Have a look at their gorgeous journeys below:

Britney Spears: Then

She was the biggest hit of the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Since then, her journey of pop music has been on an upward trajectory with millions of die heart fans.
The Disney club nourished Britney to grow into an appealing sensation.

Britney Spears: Now

Lindsay Lohan: Then


Like Britney, Lindsay proved her mettle in numerous Disney movies. Only a handful of critics will deny that her popularity grew the wildest in history.
Most of the viewers are not aware of the demons she fought throughout her luminous journey. She finally did succeeded to shake the tag of a child star.

Lindsay Lohan: Now


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