50 trashy people we can’t believe exist in this world


No comment necessary

A day like any other, nothing unusual to see here, simply relaxing on the beach and reading Mein Kampf. He also seems unable to stop looking at his bathing suit… as bad as he gets.

“A millionaire using a protest to loot good from a mall”

Now let’s not judge, just because someone is a millionaire doesn’t mean they’re beyond taking the opportunity to loot and vandalize. Jake Paul was formally charged with looting a couple of weeks ago, but he denied the charges. Guilty or not, he’s probably a small-time millionaire.

Does this make you lose your faith in humanity?

This sad, dirty story went viral a few weeks ago when the media reported that a Washington Examiner employee was caught posing with an energy drill in front of a closed store after which he left in a Mercedes. Days later he lost his intern to the Washington Examiner. Don’t you love karma?

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